Sunday, 8 April 2018

“The  Northern  Lights...”

For  the  past  many  weeks  we  have  been  working  on  a  new  project,  new  for  us  that  is. It  has  been  both  stressful  and  exciting  at  the  same  time. Bringing  everything  together,  that  is,  creating  the  new  design  (more  about  that  later),   making  our  goodies  and  packaging  to  sell,  designing  a  display,  designing  and  writing  a brochure  and  finally  packing  it  all  to  travel.    This  was  the  stressful  bit.

We’ve  been  working  towards  displaying  at  a  trade  fair    -  we’ve  never  done  one  before  so this  is  a  whole  new  experience.    We’re  really  looking  forward  to  this,  seeing  the  other displays,  talking  to  the  visitors  –  this  is  the  exciting  bit.

Our  hope  and  expectation  is  to  get  experiece  of  displaying,  discovering  what  the  visitors are  interested  in  and  –  of  course  –  making  some  sales. And  where  did  we  go  and  what  is  it?

We displayed  our  new  design  at  the  British  Craft  Trade  Fair  (BCTF)  held  at  the  Great Yorkshire  Show  Ground  in  Harrogate  in  North  Yorkshire  –  hence  “Northern”  (see  what  we did  there?) AND there  we  made  the  first  public  showing  of  our  new  design  range  -  “Urban  Lights”  - hence  “Lights”  -  see  what  we  did  again?    We’re  just  crafting  mad!) This  trade  fair  has  been  held  annually  for  43  years  and  has  around  8000  British  artists, designers  and  makers  registered  with  the  show.

More  soon…

Sunday, 10 August 2014

ooooo oooooh we had this lovely article written abut us in the Hampshire Chronicle.  Thank you x

Friday, 2 August 2013

Stuck in me head.....

Do you have or do you know the feeling when you have an idea of a creation or art piece but just actually don't have the time to get it out, and play.......its driving me mad!
Got these new panel its not what I'm meant to be thinking about creating wise.  Im meant to be creating fused glass angels.....but I'm on about mark 37 of those with no joy.....AAAHHHHHHHH.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Flower Festival Winchester Cathedral 2013

Some really stunning and imaginative floral displays at Winchester Cathedral.  Took a few pictures of my favorites.  Very lucky to take part as a stall holder as part of the summer market that ran along side the flowers inside the Cathedral.

The Meadow

In the crypt - peaceful and eery all at the same time

And heres some pictures of our stall and the fused glass art we have been selling over this last week.

from this...
to this!

Winchester Flower Festival 2013 our stall in the summer marque market.

CStar Design 'Meadows - Poppies' fused glass art, window art.

The Symphony of Flowers Festival 2013 Summer Marque 
We (lisa and me) had a fab time, thank you to every body who came to see us.  Lovely event.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Winchester Flower Festival 2013

Sssooooooo excited its 3 sleeps to go until winchester flower festival 2013.  We have been busy making for the last few weeks and have kept the flower theme throughout our glassy pieces.
Ill pop some pics up soon.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Well well well the workshop is nearly made and finished and soon it will be all systems go.  Best thing is Big Bertha (our kiln) wasn't to annoyed with us for turning her off, think she saw it as a bit of a holiday, recharge the batteries so to speak and is back firing up and cooking our pretties.

So latest bits of glass that we (me and sister, CStar Design) have been creating are here and alive, visit the Folksy shop to see them.

Ill pop some images up soon
Is it my imagination or has every single plant come out with mega amounts of pollen?
Flowers galore, never seen so much blossom on our apple tree, very pretty indeed.